Why six months only?

As so many things this idea came up during a dinner. Annika Berglund was dining with her CEO at the time, Belgian businessman Ronnie Leten, who she had known for more than 25 years. 

It was Ronnie’s suggestion that she should start a company after retiring from her position in Atlas Copco’s management team. He recommended that she should focus on guiding new CEOs into their roles with regards to communications and networking, in the way she had done with him and other newly appointed CEOs. The first six months are absolutely critical for a good result.

It took some time to digest this, but why not?

The name “Six Months Only” reflects a view that helping to launch a CEO should not take more than six months to plan, kick-off and get on track, including the development of a strategy. It is our firm belief that the implementation – which usually takes longer – should be managed by people in the CEOs own organization. In your organization. The knowledge, experience and relationships built must stay in the company.

The proven method we are using to successfully put new CEOs on the market will be described in a book. It will be a practical, easy to follow ‘manual’, which you and your communication team can work with in case you feel external support is not needed – or if you only require ad hoc support.

The book is coming soon. You can submit your e-mail here if you want to be notified when the book is available.