Annika Berglund

Welcome to Six Months Only!

After twenty years as head of corporate communications and almost 40 years with the company I retired from Atlas Copco by year-end 2018. But retirement is not the same as stopping to work.

I am Annika Berglund, founder and owner of Six Months Only.

Over the years I have acquired knowledge and developed Atlas Copco’s policies and processes in all different corporate communications areas such as branding, internal and external communications – all channels, sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well as crisis management.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with fantastic managers and colleagues, including five Atlas Copco CEOs. For four of them I have prepared and implemented their launch plans.

Frequent contacts with people representing many different competencies, experiences and opinions ensured development and innovation in this specific area as well as in other areas.

Now I hope to guide new CEOs in doing the right thing from the very start. I want them to feel at ease in their new roles so that they can focus on the business. No matter if you are an external or internal recruit, the process is as important.

Together with one of my close friends I will also publish a book on the subject.