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EwaMaria Roos trains both actors and managers in how to use their voices and body language to ensure that their messages have an impact.

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EwaMaria Roos

What makes a person so interesting in a presentation that we listen a little extra?
Are there any tricks that could improve my skills while I talk?
Can one be the sound of my voice and body-language?
The answer is YES!

I am EwaMaria Roos, a voice coach and teacher in rhetorics and presentation technique. I work at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm training actors and I also teach at various colleges in Sweden. I have a long experience as an actress but changed career to help others – leaders, politicians, actors – to become more authentic in their presentations. My background has been very useful for teaching others.

I give you the caring and professional feedback you hardly ever get from those around you. This will help you to understand how you can improve your impression on others. I train you in voice technique, body language, and how to make your speech effective. And you know what? We will have a lot of fun too!

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