Jenny Hammar manages to capture the personalities of people in photos. In addition to working as a professional photographer, she also teaches photography and editing.

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Jenny Hammar

I am Jenny Hammar, a Swedish/American photographer, mother, and wife, who loves to laugh and connect with people. I’m scatter-brained, empathic, and picky. I love horizons, coffee, music, dancing, chocolate, hearing my kids laugh, changing my hairstyle, snuggling with my family, and speaking exaggerated Italian. Why am I telling you all of these personal things about myself? The reason is that I strongly believe that the best portraits come from a moment of connection. And the more ”me” I am when I photograph people, the more relaxed and comfortable they will be in front of my camera.

I am a freelance photographer who mainly photographs portraits, personal and professional. I love to capture everything from a newborn baby’s slow motion movements, to professionals looking for that perfect portrait they can proudly display in their bio. I also love to tell a story, by documenting the story of you. That is why I mainly work in environments that contribute to the feeling in a photo. This means that I seldom work in a studio, and more commonly in homes, the outdoors or workplaces. These settings can put everything into a context. 

The best way to see how I work is to take look at my online portfolio. I invite you to visit my website and Instagram account to get a feeling for what my imagery looks like.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you with your photography needs!

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