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Chister Olin uses music to convey messages and to build relationships. This helps corporations speed up process transformations and makes messages more memorable.

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Christer Olin

Hello, I am Christer Olin,

My passion is to create ways to open up the energy and ideas we all carry within. I provide three types of services.

  • Write songs to communicate strategic messages
  • Support innovation inspired by music: “Earborne Innovation”
  • Provide team development using creativity and music

Your new song
If you were to express your message in music, which genre would you prefer? Symphonic, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Latin? We start developing your new song by finding the appropriate tone to go with your message and brand, and write lyrics accordingly. The first step can take place in workshop sessions with key people invited.

At the event or in the video you impress your audience with the new song(s). Your audience can experience your message on intuitive levels, which can inspire anchoring.

Earborne Innovation
Create a better future with the help of music. Albert Einstein gained inspiration from playing his violin, he spoke of “Musical Intelligence” which opened up new thoughts and aided in the design of his theories.

Now you can musically inspire your team in a workshop setting. In “Earborne Innovation”, playful unexpected tasks spur new points of view.

Connect your team with music
Science has shown how music helps develop relations, e.g.  in choirs and ensembles, as well as stimulating dopamines, endorphins, oxytocin etc. You can start a retreat, a board meeting or a kick-off by building relations, engagement and collective confidence with creative techniques and music.
Make your venue a hit!

About me
I started working as music teacher, producing concerts and musicals. During my time in business school, I was asked to write songs for strategic communication.

I have held positions in international sales and marketing, and after that as a consultant and facilitator of business simulation games, knowledge sharing and DeepDive brainstorm workshops. I have also lectured on music’s influence on how we think and make decisions.

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