Marianne Hamilton

Annika, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself!

We met at Atlas Copco, where I was Senior Vice President, Organizational development and Management resources. After 15 years in the organization, I had fulfilled my mission. I had even written a book to assure that the organisation could do without me: “Not just money…leadership too”.  A book that explained the transformation of Atlas Copco.  The book emphasised the responsibility of all managers to contribute to a transparent “International Job Market”. A job market that aimed to ensure that employees could take the responsibility for their own professional development, and also assure that the Group would always have the right person in the right job. Atlas Copco ordered more than 400 copies of the book for their managers across the globe.

In 2008 I left Atlas Copco to become a full-time author. Well, I also become a professional board-member. I was on some boards already before I left Atlas Copco, and these helped me to dare to take the plunge – Meda and Alecta were the most important.

Now I could focus on my writing! I felt a need to contribute by sharing my own experiences, helping the next generation. Maybe I would be able to provide some shortcuts in their professional development. For example through the book “Some advice to my young daughter.” I do not have any daughter. Neither did Anna-Maria Lenngren, who provided advice in the 1700 century.

My fifth book, “Ladan” has been published with Annika’s support. It is not a Management book and it is not a Novel. It is the first book in its own genre. A management-novel! It is about three professional women coming to Gotland to be coached by Elisabeth, by being together their lives take unexpected turns…

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