Helene Hellberg

I started my company, Text: Helene, in 2007 as a one-person consultancy focusing on advising, writing and producing corporate communications in general and annual reports in specific – this is an area where I now have twenty years experience.

Several projects have over the years grown into sustainability reporting projects. Within this leg of my business, I help clients identify their sustainability impact and to prepare reporting on their progress according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). I often work together with a dedicated graphic designer. As a small and flexible team, we deliver annual and sustainability report projects from start to finish (and as an alternative to the bigger firms’ often large teams of consultants). Today, we have a few customer relationships that have lasted ten years.

My clients are mainly large companies across sectors, such as financial services, heavy industry, energy, retail and biotech ­– including publicly listed companies and state-owned. I like to work closely together with my clients and I believe that they would describe me as a pragmatic, flexible and dedicated team-player.

A smaller part of my job, that I truly enjoy, is translating English to Swedish. Here, my focus is to deliver high quality and easy-to-read texts.

I have a business degree from Uppsala university, but being a curious person I have studied my whole life – subjects ranging from English and economics, to journalism, pedagogy and art history. I also hold a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) training certificate and a certificate in Integrated reporting.

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