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Tore Marklund delivers messages with emotions through moving images. His experience from Swedish industrial companies is well-known.

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Tore Marklund

Hi, I am Tore Marklund. Together with my wife we have a small film production company producing educational films, promotional films, corporate videos, documentary films, and music videos for a variety of clients in Sweden and abroad. From the world of heavy industry, to universities and pharmaceutical companies. My ambition is to give all my stories a human touch. Regardless if it’s about technical stuff or cancer. Films and videos are emotional medias and should be used as such.

As a young boy I liked to write, draw and paint, and discovered the camera as a teenager. I also loved to play instruments and make music. For me it is natural to tell stories with the use of moving images and music/sound. The technical development from analog film to digital has been amazing, and all these new tools and platforms keep me looking to find new ways to communicate with moving images. This is my passion and my own never-ending story.

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