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Lotta Bohman is a lawyer who masters ‘soft’ laws. Invaluable during the development of a code of conduct or to challenge existing business codes.

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Lotta Bohman

Hi there,

I envisage continuous sustainable changes in society. That starts with each one of us. We need to rethink business sustainability.

Soft law is important for all companies. Especially for those “who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”, as Oscar Wilde once phrased it.

I am Lotta Bohman Sallnäs, Attorney at law and Member of the Swedish Bar Association. I also have experience as a communications manager/consultant in ​​strategic business communication and strategic brand management. I work with these matters, general commercial law and corporate agreements at Advokatbyrån Lotta Bohman AB under its registered supplementary firm, Rethink Business Solutions.

What is “soft law”?
The term “soft law” generally covers non-legally binding agreements as opposed to legally binding understandings covered by “conventional law”. It includes framework treaties, international resolutions, declarations (UN) guidelines, principles, codes of practice/conduct, action plans etc.  Such non-binding agreements may, over time, become laws. Why? Because they often pertain to matters that are important to society at large. For your organization, the pressure to change and adapt is not going to slow down.

Establishing a business code is about analyzing and structuring the organizational behavior in a way that promotes effective work, supporting a sustainable and long-term business. And a code of conduct can have a noticeable positive impact on results.

Why soft law is important
It’s time to revalue short-term profits. Businesses today need to consider sustainability, compliance and governance. It’s all about relations – not least with the competition. To ignore soft law is to know less about your company’s footprint. This implies a potential risk in a modern society where corporate actions are monitored by the media 24/7. From a brand perspective, soft law is essential.

Why I work with soft law?
I have a strong interest in conventional law and what it can and cannot do. My legal background and practical experience are necessary prerequisites in order to understand and be able to answer questions regarding the distinctions between soft law and conventional law.  

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