Congratulations! You made it!

Your appointment as President and CEO is public and the expectations are high. From the Board of Directors, your own organization, and stakeholders such as analysts, investors and the media. Family and friends are excited and proud.

You will from now on be highly exposed and, maybe, more lonely than ever in a job. No doubt everyone believes you are capable of managing the business and leading the organization – that’s why you got the job. But there are also areas that are new to you.

Six Months Only specialize in CEO positioning, corporate communications and in building professional networks and relations. Your most important task is to lead.

In addition to coaching CEOs, we also provide guidance and support to experienced managers and management teams during the onboarding process.

Why six months only?

As so many things this idea came up during a dinner. Annika Berglund was dining with her CEO at the time, Belgian businessman Ronnie Leten, who she had known for more than 25 years. 

It was Ronnie’s suggestion that she should start a company after retiring from her position in Atlas Copco’s management team. He recommended that she should focus on guiding new CEOs into their roles with regards to communications and networking, in the way she had done with him and other newly appointed CEOs. The first six months are absolutely critical for a good result.

It took some time to digest this, but why not?

The name “Six Months Only” reflects a view that helping to launch a CEO should not take more than six months to plan, kick-off and get on track, including the development of a strategy. It is our firm belief that the implementation – which usually takes longer – should be managed by people in the CEOs own organization. In your organization. The knowledge, experience and relationships built must stay in the company.

The proven method we are using to successfully put new CEOs on the market will be described in a book. It will be a practical, easy to follow ‘manual’, which you and your communication team can work with in case you feel external support is not needed – or if you only require ad hoc support.

The book is coming soon. You can submit your e-mail here if you want to be notified when the book is available.

Meet us

We aim to make you a success. To make you known for what you stand for and what direction you will take. To make you respected as a business leader.

Our core team is small. We are complemented by people from our ecosystem. Let’s meet and we will explain the magnitude of our experience, knowledge and network.

Annika Berglund 
+46 70 322 8070 
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Julia Proos
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Our ecosystem

Over the years we have been working with many Swedish-based professionals. The majority have decades of own experiences, but a few are up-and-coming newthinkers. This list contains people you can rely upon. Their commitment is strong. Human intelligence – not artificial.

Management process rethinker

Marianne Hamilton’s visionary thinking completely transformed the recruitment processes at Atlas Copco, and have since frequently been copied by others. Nowadays she writes inspirational books.

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Communications process organizer

Ingalill Östman has thorough knowledge and experience of developing and implementing communications processes in well-known public companies as well as in privately held entities.

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Moderator and coach

Helena Stålnert has broad media knowledge and experience, and has worked with communications at public companies. She is frequently used as a moderator and coach.

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Sustainability expert

Filippa Bergin provides strategic, commercial, personal, relational and process-related advice regarding sustainability and your business.

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Business ethics

Lotta Bohman is a lawyer who masters ‘soft’ laws. Invaluable during the development of a code of conduct or to challenge existing business codes.

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Investor relations master

Julia Proos is experienced in corporate credit analysis, green bonds, investor relations and communications.

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Corporate report writer

Helene Hellberg is an expert at writing and producing quarterly and annual reports, both financial and non-financial.

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Business history preserver

Alexander Huseby helps companies understand the value of their history and how to leverage their heritage in marketing and in communicating and explaining the company culture.

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Voice coach

EwaMaria Roos trains both actors and managers in how to use their voices and body language to ensure that their messages have an impact.

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Film maker

Tore Marklund delivers messages with emotions through moving images. His experience from Swedish industrial companies is well-known.

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Jenny Hammar manages to capture the personalities of people in photos. In addition to working as a professional photographer, she also teaches photography and editing.

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Music maker

Chister Olin uses music to convey messages and to build relationships. This helps corporations speed up process transformations and makes messages more memorable.

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Community engagement

At Six Months Only we have taken a stand and support two different NGOs.

Water matters

We support water projects that change lives, by providing access to clean drinking water close to villages. The projects are initiated and managed by Atlas Copco’s Water for All through donations to the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation.

So what’s the link? Personal interest and a keen will to support development more than anything else. Willingness to do good in areas where people themselves can transform their societies in a positive way without any – or very little – further help.

Every drop is precious.

Preventing and solving conflicts

The International Crisis Group is an independent organization working to prevent wars and shape policies that will build a more peaceful world. Their work is urgently needed as the world is confronted with a dramatic rise in the number of conflicts, with devastating humanitarian, social and economic costs.

We recommend you to subscribe to their newsletters. Their insights and in-depth knowledge are useful to anyone interested in what is really going on in different parts of the world.

A donation to Crisis Group is a donation for peace.

We believe that water is the basis for life and that a conflict free environment is a requirement for development.